The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Drinking Too Much Tea

The discussion of health losses arising from Tea has come back in many places. The custom of tea has become so widespread in our time today that if it is said that “tea has entered the nerves of society today”, then there will be no exaggeration.

Misconception About Drinking Tea

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Drinking Too Much Tea

If for some time even if it is considered that heat is received from the tea during the winter – But those who drink warm hot tea in the heat of “hot wind”, and in the heat of the rainy season, can not be said that what health benefit they get from it.

In fact, too many misconceptions have been made in people about tea. For example, “drinking tea protects from the hot wind,” “In the rain, tea kills the flatulent,” “Tea is beneficial in nasal catarrh.”

People of many places are also heard saying, “The water here is hard so the tea should definitely drink”, “In fever, tea is used to bring sweating to overcome fever” etc.

In fact, we will say all these things as false assumptions by not saying misconceptions, which people have built to make tea and drink rationally.

What Is “Bed” Tea?

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Drinking Too Much Tea

Nowadays, the people’s “bed tea” means that the practice of drinking tea is increasing before going to defecation.

The “bed tea” takers say that, “Drinking tea makes the stool very clean”, as well as they also say that after eating and sleeping, there is an inertia and laziness in the body; By drinking a cup of tea, it gets completely away and gets accustomed to the body.

The secret behind drinking bed tea is that during night-time it helps in extruding urine, sweat, and a lot of extrajudicial substances, the poisonous substances of the body, come out of different metals and start circulating in our blood.

There are inertia and laziness, but this foreign matter comes out of the body when we go for urination and after these routines, our body feels light and nimble. But what does “bed tea” do on this occasion?

Remarkably, tea has two elements: caffeine and theanine. The theanine element of bed tea removes those toxic elements from blood and then transports it into metals, that is the garbage is thrown out in the body itself.

Naturally, when the toxic elements are removed from the blood, laziness, and inertia will also be removed, the second one caffeine stimulates the heart, then the person begins to feel heat and agile. It will not be said that the poisonous substances returning to the intestine tend to make the body dirty.

In the morning, the habit of stimulating the intestine in the morning is also bad, because everyday external stimuli are lost due to the natural movement of the intestines. In such a situation, if the person is habitual of “bed tea” does not get tea at the time, then he is not able to go for quick defecation.

Apart from “bed tea”, what are the losses of morning tea or tea that drunk on the third afternoon. If any of its lists are made for the same, then perhaps a small book will be made.

In short, those who are addicted to “Tea” they easily caught by cold because their throat is always excited with tea. It is wrong to say that tea is beneficial in nasal catarrh. Tea also increases acidity, causing diseases such as gas and indigestion.

In fact, the condition of those people becomes very pitiable, those who drink tea every hour after 2 hours, become nervous and also have the full risk of paralysis and heart attack. High blood pressure patients suffer a lot from tea.

People who are addicted to tea are unable to drink soft drinks such as syrup, lemon, and scent as these drinks do not suit their body; As if they drink such drinks then they are easily caught by cold and cough and also cause pain in the body. As a result, they are deprived of drinking soft drinks in summer.


According to the new research today, it is found that due to tea, many people are becoming bald and in many cases, tea is also accounted for hair to be white.