[Avoid] These 5 Deadly Foods & Habits In Your Daily Life

One of the major causes of illness is wrong food habits. Even the best food eaten in the wrong way can cause disorders of the body. So, we must know what to eat and how to eat. So here we explained foods you should never eat.


5- Fried VS Natural Food

We usually spoil our food stuffs by eating them. People always love eating fried food. As, when food is fried it loses its vitamins and other essential nutrients, and also becomes hard to digest.

We consume too much of carbohydrates when we eat a lot of wheat, rice, potatoes, sugars, etc. Usually green leafy vegetables, fruits and other raw foods are missing from our diet.

Raw or boiled vegetables should be an essential part of your daily diet. For those suffering from constipation, these are the foodstuffs recommended to eat. Not only they provide necessary vitamins and salts, but also eat vegetables that prevent constipation.

Vegetables like, tomato, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, onion, salad, ginger and radish can be eaten raw. Other vegetables, when cooked, should never be fried.

They should be first washed, then cut into big chunks, and cooked in steam or boiled. Butter or cream can be added only after boiling or steaming the vegetables.

We should therefore change our habit of eating fried food . If we regularly eat boiled vegetables, we are sure to develop a taste for them. Sooner it is started, the better and healthy lifestyle.

The best most ideal food, however, is “natural food”. Here, by natural food we mean the food which, mother nature offers us.

Nuts, fruits, vegetables, pulses, and cereals can be eaten without putting them on fire. While fruits, nuts, vegetables, and pulses can first be sprouted and then eaten raw.

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4- Drinking-Water With Food

We usually drink water with or immediately after our meals. This is a wrong habit. Actually, there is no need to take water at the time of taking your meals.

But we feel its need because we do not chew our food properly. There are some among us who seem to have no time for eating, they, therefore, do not chew food, they swallow it.

They do not allow the digestive saliva of the mouth to mix with their food. So they throw their food down their throat with a lot of water.

Water does not help in digestion, it actually hinders the process of digestion. Moreover, because of the pressure of water the intestines are not able to absorb all the digested food and it passes off the intestines.

Water should be taken half an hour before or one hour after meals. We should drink water several times between our lunch and supper, as water washes our intestines and rids them of all impurities. We are therefore, saved from many intestinal troubles.

Water is actually a great purifier and we should make full use of this property of water. There are many yogic purifying practices in which water is used for cleaning the stomach or the intestines.

An early morning dose of water checks bile imparts vitality to all our organs and helps keep bowels clean. Lemon juice and a spoonful of honey, can also be mixed with it according to one’s liking and taste.

3- Appetite Loss and Non-Stop Eating

Many of us have no fixed time for eating. Some of us eat all day long. But the worst of all, we eat when we are not hungry, thus harm our digestive organs.

In the opinion of medical as well as yoga experts, eating when not feeling hungry is a heinous crime against oneself.

If we are committing this crime, we must be ready for the consequences. No amount of drugs can save us from the resultant damage done to our system.

We may not feel the intensity of the damage done to our organs at a young age, because our organs have a wonderful capacity to bear excess on them.

But the corroding process is set and the system is strained and weakened by overwork.

Moreover, when we eat without hunger the digestive juices do not mix with our food in full quantity. This results in indigestion and several other disorders.

Our organs also needed rest, as all of us need rest to recoup our energy and be ready for work again.

So, a few hours rest to our digestive organs is necessary and not only during the night but also during the day.

It is, therefore, better to take only two full meals in 24 hours instead of taking three or four full meals.

Some people take breakfast when they are rushing for work in the morning and they think that breakfast is not important. They say breakfast is huger-less eating.

We eat because we have made a habit to eat at this time. So, the golden rule is to eat when one is hungry.

This will not only make us respective to food, but our mind and all our organs will concentrate on eating and digesting food. This will ensure good digestion and full utilization of food eaten.

Everyone must try to follow this old truth that we should eat to satisfy our hunger and not our palate. But this is easier said that done. This is in fact most difficult things to do.

If one is able to control one’s palate, one can also control probably everything else. So, the control of palate is the first step towards meditation. It is also the biggest achievement towards self-discipline.

We should always eat in a clean, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere. Eating hurriedly in fit anger or in the grip of stress and fear is not desirable.

Eating by the roadside is common practice. It should be avoided as far as possible because the food eaten from a roadside shop is usually full of dirt, dust and may have been prepared in unhygienic conditions.

Some of us eat to please others. It is good to please others. But it is not good to go on eating to please others. One can understand talking one or two morsels if someone insists. But eating a full meal on a full stomach is very harmful.

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2- Jaggery (Gur) VS Sugar  

White, mill-made sugar has now become our daily diet. We take it in milk, tea, coffee, drinks and other sweet preparations.

We should however know that taking excess sugar means inducing an excessive quantity of uric acid into our body system. This generally results in such dangerous diseases as diabetes, rheumatism, acidity, and pyorrhea.

In children, it causes worms. With the increase in the number of consumption of sugar there has also  increase in the number of patients of these diseases.

If we analyze sugar as food, then we will find that it has no such food values. All its nutrients are actually destroyed in the process of crystallization.

Jaggery and sugar however retain their protein, fat, vitamins, iron, calcium and other mineral salts. Jaggery is slightly laxative also. It helps children to relief from thread worms.

In any case, we should reduce the quantity of sugar in our diet. If it cannot be eliminated altogether. Those who can do replace it with honey, dates, and other natural sweeteners.

Honey, in fact, is food as well as a tonic. As a food, it is full of nutrients like dextrose, formic acid, iron, and many enzymes.

Moreover, it is most easily digestible. As a tonic, it is a heart stimulant and brain booster.

On the other hand, unwashed dates are unhygienic. So, it is essential to wash them before eating or before using them in sweet dishes.

1- Tea vs Coffee

As Jaggery has been replaced by sugar in our diet same like that milk and curd replaced by tea and coffee. Most of us drink 4 to 8 cups of tea or coffee daily.

But tea and coffee are not among the essential nutrients. In fact, they have no food value, i.e., they do not provide nutritious values essentially needed to our body. If you take them out of your diet then there will be no harm to your body.

Many people, however, become tea and coffee addict. Moreover, it has now become a fashion or a social custom to offer tea or coffee to guests.

But we should also be aware of the evil effects of excessive consumption of tea or coffee. Medical experts warned people from time to time against the excessive use of these drinks.

It would be better to restrict the number of cups to the minimum if we are unable to stop drinking tea or coffee altogether. Tea is more harmful when tea leaves are boiled. So, at least stop boiling tea leaves if you cannot stop it altogether.

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