Celebrity Diet Meal Plans You Must Know?

All living beings on this earth need food. Most of them eat a particular type of food, just as a horse eats grass and grain, and a lion eats raw meat. These species intuitively know what they should eat.

But paradoxically, man, although the most intelligent of them, usually do not eat what he needs. While other species eat only a few varieties of food, man eats innumerable types of cooked and uncooked foods.

Another strange fact commonly observed is that man, in spite of all his knowledge, does not eat his food well.

That is why man is the sickest of all species today. He has established thousands of hospitals to cure sickness and disease.

He has set up large factories to manufacture drugs and medicines. Medical science has made enormous progress in the 20th century.

But man is still the sickest of all species on this earth. So, here we gonna talk about diet meal plans.

Celebrity Diet Meal Plans You Must Know?

Functions Of Food

We need food to live. We cannot live without food beyond a short period. Food is, therefore, necessary for all living beings. Food performs the following four functions:


Food is essential for growth. Without food, a living organism will stop growing. The living cells in our body multiply after getting nourishment from the food we eat. The insufficient or wrong type of food does not help healthy growth.


Living organisms sometimes damage their parts by accident. Constant work also causes wear and tear of the body parts. If we get a wound or cut, it heals up after some time.

If we damage our skin due to some burn etc., it regains its shape in due course. The body needs food for all these functions.


We spend our energy when we do work. That is why after doing considerable work, we get tired. We then need food and rest to regain the lost energy. If we do not get food, we would become weak.

Protection From Diseases

We need to protect our bodies from diseases and keep them healthy. For this, we need vitamins and mineral salts in our food.

Vitamins neither provide energy nor do they repair or replace the worn-out parts. But they are essential for our proper health.

So, we need food that can give us all the ingredients required by our body. We also need sufficient food neither more nor less.

That is to say, we should eat the right amount of food containing the right amount of nutrients. So, here are some amazing tips for the diet meal plan.

Celebrity Diet Meal Plans You Must Know?

Balanced Diet

Different foods contain different amounts of elements needed by our body for the above four functions. These vital elements are called nutrients.

So, the diet which contains all these essential nutrients required by our body is carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Carbohydrates and fats mainly provide energy to our body. Wheat, rice, potato, banana, etc. are very rich in carbohydrates. Jaggery or sugar is another source of carbohydrates. Ghee, butter, oils, creams, and milk are full of fats.

Protein helps the body to grow. They also help it to replace the dead or worn out parts and to repair the damaged parts. Children need more protein because their bodies have to grow rapidly.

Pulses, milk, cheese, curd are rich in proteins but do not eat (eggs, fish, and meat, etc., as they will harm your body. Vitamins and minerals are present in milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables that keep our eyes, bones, gums, etc. are healthy to eat.

Celebrity Diet Meal Plans You Must Know?

Minerals like phosphorus and calcium are necessary for the formation of healthy bones and teeth, while iron compounds are required for the formation of red blood cells.

There is no single item of food that can provide us with all the necessary nutrients (although fresh milk) contains most of these.


It is therefore essential to eat a combination of foods to all the necessary substances required by our body.

The quantity of these ingredients required by each body is not the same. So we must select our food items according to the needs of our bodies.

Generally, a person doing a lot of physical work will need more fats and carbohydrates to recoup the energy lost by him in excessive physical work.

A child needs more proteins than an old man because the child’s body needs more protein for growth. A sick person may be deficient in some substances, but he may not need carbohydrates and fats.

So, a balanced diet is one which is suitable in all aspects, sufficient in food value as well as adequate in quality and quantity according to the needs of the body.

To keep our body healthy and fit, we must follow the “balanced diet” principle. As it is said that “No medicines are required by persons who correctly follow the diet scheme as far as possible.

Children should also be given their diet according to this principle of diet cannot be helped even by hundreds of medicines.”

We should, therefore, know what to eat and follow the diet scheme as far as possible. Children should also be given their diet according to this principle. In fact, everyone should follow the diet system properly.

Celebrity Diet Meal Plans You Must Know?

Diet Meal Plans: Restraint Eating

It is not enough to select our food items judiciously. We should also know how much to eat and how to eat. Our food does not change into energy immediately after reaching our stomach.

It has to undergo several complicated processes before it is turned into a useable form and is assimilated into our system.

Food is first chewed and broken into smaller pieces by our teeth; the salivary glands in the mouth at the same time mix saliva with the food.

In the stomach, it is churned and its contents are thoroughly mixed. Here also many glands mix digestive juices with the food so that the food undergoes several chemical changes with the help of enzymes and acids formed in this process.

Similarly, food is subjected to further chemical changes by the action of the pancreas and liver, which secrete several enzymes and juices to react to it. Ultimately, it is absorbed by the small intestine.

So, we must understand that digestion is a complicated process in which all our digestive organs take part and our glands secrete digestive juices.

Therefore we should not eat such foods that require overwork for our digestive organs. Nor should we eat more than the required quantity.

When the organs are required to do work endlessly without any rest, they ultimately become weak, with the result that some of them are unable to work properly.

This causes sickness. It would be better not to tax our organs to the extent of getting them damaged. So, we must exercise restraint in eating.

We must also provide rest to our digestive organs occasionally so that they remain effective and in perfect working conditions all our life. This can be done by observing occasional fasts.



Apart from the diet tables so diligently prepared by dieticians, we have this simple but golden rule of diet control. “One should fill half the stomach with food and leave one-forth for water and one-forth for the movement of air”.

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