[Practice] ᐈ These 6 Eye Exercises For Double Vision

The eyes are a very important part of our body. There are certain exercises for the eyes which keep the eyes healthy and save them from many diseases.

By toning up the connecting muscles and nerves of the eyes, they even improve the eyesight. Some of these simple exercises are explained here, which can be performed by doing yoga exercises.

Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana, keeping your head, neck, and spine straight, and perform the following exercises.

eye exercises for improving eye sight


Top 6 Eye Exercises To Go With

Verticle Movements

  • First look upward towards the middle of your forehead and then on the tip of the nose without moving your head.
  • Only the pupils of your eyes should have upward-downward movement.
  • Do it quickly for 24 times and then close your eyes gently for five seconds to provide rest.

Horizontal Movements

Spread your hands sideways. Close your fists and raise your thumbs.

Now first look towards your right thumb, without moving your neck, then towards the left thumb.

Repeat this exercise 24 times and then close your eyes gently for five seconds.

Diagonal Movement

First look at the corner of the right eye and then towards the ground near left knee. Do this 12 times.

Similarly, look at the corner of your left eye and then bring attention on the ground near your right knee. Repeat this also 12 times.

After this, close your eyes gently for 5 seconds and give the eyes the rest they need.

Rectangular Movement

Make an imaginary rectangle before your eyes. Make it as big as you can.

Then move your eyes on the four corners of the rectangle from left to right 12 times, from right to left also 12 times.

Close the eyes gently after this for about five seconds.

Circular Movement

Make an imaginary circle from the earth to the sky and move your eyeballs first clockwise for 12 times and then anti-clockwise 12 times. Give rest to the eyes.

Forward-Backward Movement

Stretch your right hand forward. Raise your thumb, closing the fist with the fingers.

Fix your gaze at a point beyond your thumb and slowly bring it closer and fix it ultimately on the thumbs. Do that for at least 10 times.

Now gradually start bringing the thumb closer to the eyes and repeat the process of looking beyond the thumb and at the thumb.

Go on doing it until the thumb comes very close to the eyes. Close the eyes gently and give rest. This exercise improves the eyesight.

At the end of this exercise close your eyes gently. Now rub your palms with each other and place them on your eyes. Do it three times. Open your eyes and look at a green plant or grass.

Some Important Steps For The Eye Care

Besides, the above exercises, the following practices are also very useful for the proper care of the eyes. Given below are some eye care methods by the eye specialist.


eye exercises for improving eye sight
Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision- Palming

This is an easy and quick method of providing relief to tired eyes.

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the ground and close the eyes gently.
  • Bend the palms in the shape of a cup and place them on your eyes, the right palm on the right eye, and the left palm on the left eye.
  • The palms should not touch the eyes but only cover them completely.
  • The fingers should rest on the forehead, and the nose should remain uncovered. Let your elbows rest on your knees.
  • Whenever you feel that your eyes are tired due to continuous reading or overwork, practice palming for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • You will find that your eyes become fresh after this.


eye exercises for improving eye sight
Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision- Blinking

This is another easy, quick and natural method of giving rest to the eyes.

  • Blinking, i.e. raising and dropping eye-lashes quickly can be done during any type of work. Gazing or staring is the chief cause of damage to the eyesight.
  • Dropping the eye-lashes is essential at least once if not twice in ten seconds. Blinking also helps during reading.
  • It saves the eyes from getting tired and one can read for a long time at a stretch. Book-worms must cultivate the habit of blinking.

Washing Eyes with Cold Water

eye exercises for improving eye sight
Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision- Washing Eyes

Cool, pure water works as a tonic for the eyes. Whenever you wash your face, do not forget to splash water on your eyes from a distance of about 10 cm. do it twenty times.

This will refresh your eyes and provide new vitality to them.

Providing Sunlight to the Eyes

eye exercises for improving eye sight
Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision- Sunlight Therapy

Sunlight, if provided in a proper way to the eyes, is extremely useful for them. But direct sunlight on the open eyes is not only harmful but dangerous also.

There are several ways of feeding the eyes in the sunlight. Some of these are described below.

  1. Close your eyes and stand to face the sun. Now move your neck towards the right and left for five to seven minutes, to let the sunlight fall on all parts of the eyes.
  • This exercise is particularly useful if done in the morning when the sun is not very hot.
  1. See the sun through the water. The light of the sun coming through water is very useful for improving the eyesight.
  • The old Hindu custom of giving water to the sun with raised hands has probably this secret behind it.
  1. See the sun through green leaves. Take two green leaves of pipal and bring them close to your eyes.
  • Now, look at the sun through the leaves. This practice also provides energy to the eyes.

Here Are Some Other Exercises That You Can Perform

Swinging Exercises

We describe here two very important exercises which have been found most practical and useful in improving and restoring normal eyesight. See here what we got.

Swinging Exercise No. 1

  • Stand erect, keeping your feet about 30 cm apart. Now move the entire body to and fro like the pendulum of a clock.
  • Take care not to raise your feet off the ground completely; only the heels of the right and left feet should be raised turn by turn and not the toes and fingers.
  • The second important point to remember is that the entire body should move, and not only the waist or the body above the waist.
  • The movement of the body should be from head to foot and in a harmonious way.
  • Do this exercise for about six minutes. Close the eyes for a few seconds or minutes if you so desire.
  • You can close and open your eyes alternately. This exercise has a very good effect on the eyes. It is, in fact, a very good exercise for toning up the entire nervous system.

Swinging Exercise No. 2

  • This is similar to the above exercise and has similar effects.
  • Stand erect, keeping your feet about 15 cm apart. Raise the heel of your left foot, and turn your body right by 90 degrees.
  • Keep the head, arms, and eyes so relaxed that they should also rotate with the rotation of the body.
  • Now raise the heel of your right foot and move your body 90 degrees towards the left in such a way that you return to the original position in which you were at first.
  • Similarly, raise your right heel and return to your original position.
  • To sum up, you have first to turn left by 90 degrees and then to right by 90 degrees.
  • Then you have to return to the same position. You have never to make an about turn. The entire exercise should be done slowly without giving jerks to the body.
  • This may be done for approximately five minutes.

Note: All The Above Exercises Can Be Done In A Standing Posture. Regular Practice Of The Above Exercise Removes Tension And Exhaustion.

They Lend Lustre And Brightness To The Eyes And As A Result, The Eyes Become Healthy And Beautiful. These Exercises Are To Be Done After Doing Exercises.


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