8 Amazing Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are the most popular nut. There is a common belief that vegetarian food contains no protein.

Almond removes all such myths as it contains 20% of protein, which is hardly found in other plants. Almonds are highly nutritive, they are packed with all the food components which are vital to health and strengthen the body.

It has been said, “No man need starve on a journey who will fill his waistcoat pocket with almonds”. You feel surprised to know that almonds contain good quality copper.

Today, almond’s nutrition benefits are praised around the world and they are eaten as a snack. Almonds are low in saturated fatty acids, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and contain filling fibers and phytosterol antioxidants which make them special in nuts

Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Nuts


Almonds are a rich source of nutrients. Taking a handful of almonds in the morning makes you feel energized all day long, which supplies only 161 calories and other digestible carbohydrates.

Almonds nutrition is most praised due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, fibers, antioxidants, and trace minerals such as copper and magnesium.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Almonds are a great source of antioxidants that supports heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Almonds nutrition also holds key nutrients to heart health, including magnesium, copper, calcium and potassium.

Almonds help in preventing damage from dangerous plaque buildup, heart attacks, and strokes.

Healthy Brain

Almonds contain two key nutrients capable of positively affecting neurological activities. Almonds are often known as a “brain charger” which helps in boosting your memory.


Almonds content in fiber magnesium and monounsaturated fats make it a perfect energy superfood and also contains 6 grams of protein per ounce, 12 vitamins, and minerals.

Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Nuts

Controls Weight

Nuts are high in fat and calories and make you feel satisfied after you eat for s long duration and keeps your blood sugar maintained.

But don’t get worried about its high-fat content because the fat is not absorbed by the body but avoid overeating.

Digestive Health

Nuts have high anti-inflammatory properties in addition to these it also supports your digestive health. Studies support that almonds and almonds skin may lead to an improvement in your stomach disorders.

Richness In Vitamin E

Almonds that work with vitamin E to improve artery health and reduce inflammation. Vitamin E in almonds protects your skin’s collagen and tones your skin to keep you looking younger for longer.

Ideal For Growing Child

Almonds form an ideal tonic for your growing child. Soak 4 to 5 shelled almonds in warm water and remove the skin.

Grind and make the paste, and mix with milk and add a teaspoon of honey, feed your child which will work as a perfect tonic in growing and strengthening muscles.


Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Nuts

Quick Tips

  • It acts as an excellent food supplement in case of general debility and convalescence. Soak 12 to 15 shelled almonds in hot water and remove the outer covering.
  • Grind a few almonds into a fine paste, and mix it with the buttermilk, and mash ripe banana in it add 4 spoons of honey, and drink twice daily.
  • It is good in case of constipation. Grind separately 5 teaspoons and 5 teaspoon dried dates. Combine them and add 10 teaspoons of honey. Take 3 teaspoons of this mixture daily.
  • In case of toothache and gum diseases, burn the shells of almonds, power, and use them as tooth powder.
  • To get relief from a skin problem, boil powdered almonds and apply them to the affected parts and let them remain overnight.