How To Cure Gastritis Permanently ᐈ Home Remedies

Gastritis is another common disease everyone suffering from, gastritis is a broad term for inflammation or irritation of the inner lining of the stomach. In some cases, it can even lead to an ulcer. And everyone wants to know How To Cure Gastritis Permanently Home Remedies.


Symptoms of Gastritis

  • Indigestion of caustic poisons alcohol and certain medications like Aspirin or steroids.
  • Physical stress from flu, major surgeries, severe burns, or injuries.
  • A drug allergy or food poisoning.

How To Cure Gastritis Ultimate Home Remedies

How To Cure gastritis permanently

Atrophic gastritis is a form of gastritis found in the elderly where stomach cells are destroyed potentially leading to Pernicious anemia.

A bacterial infection Helicobacter pylori are believed to be a major cause of gastritis during the recent years. When addressing gastritis many researchers now look for substances that eradicate H. Pylori.

If you are also suffering from gastritis try this cheat sheet on it and find out the solution for your problems.

Avoid using such foods which cause inflammation such as spices, chilies, sour food meat shops, tamarind and unripe citrus fruits such as Orange, sweet lime, etc.

In some cases, food allergies or intolerance may also cause gastritis.

Avoid drinking coffee and tea as it contains caffeine which may cause acidity and some soft drinks, chocolates and many medicines can also increase stomach acid.

Helicobacter causes gastritis, free radical level rise in the stomach lining.These unstable molecules contribute to inflammation and gastric damage.

An antioxidant named Vitamin C that helps squelch free radical molecules is low in the stomach juice of people with chronic gastritis.

This is the reason, some of the vitamin C rich fruits, such as amla, are found to be helpful in gastritis.

Avoid These Habits

How To Cure gastritis permanently

Avoid tobacco as smoking leads to damage to the mucous membrane and May even increase acid secretion.

Tobacco chewing causes shedding of the stomach lining and may have a role in the production of gastritis.

Avoid alcohol as alcohol inhibits the secretion of the protective prostaglandin, thereby causes gastritis.

Medicines such as aspirin can induce or aggravate stomach irritation. People should take aspirin or Aspirin-like drugs, first Consulting or discussing the matter with their doctor only. Mental stress, depression, tension is usually associated with gastritis.

Quick Tips

Liquorice root is also beneficial, as it soothes inflammation and injury in the stomach.

Try this, take one teaspoon of this powder and mixed with half a teaspoon full of pure ghee and one teaspoon of pure honey. Take this composition on an empty stomach you will surely get benefited.

If you have constipation along with gastritis then try this mixture of (dried Ginger, black pepper, clove, long pepper, and cardamom).

Take two spoons of this mixture at bedtime. This neutralizes the acid and stimulates the liver and that works as a laxative.

Emblica Officinalis (Amla) is found useful in dyspepsia, burning sensation, anorexia, vomiting, and hemorrhage. You can take this in powder form, two teaspoonfuls four times a day.

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