How To Deal With Someone With Depression?

Life changes such as the birth of a baby, divorce, losing a job, or the death of a loved one can and do leave people feeling depressed, so they can worry about financial problems or illness.

At times you may feel empty and depressed for no apparent reason. Some depression can be treated. So here we learn about How To Deal With Someone With Depression.

 Depression Symptoms

  • Continuous feeling of sadness or blankness.
  • Feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, guilt, and worthlessness.
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities, Including sex, fatigue, sleep disturbance, loss of energy or enthusiasm.
  • Difficulty in concentrating or making a decision, ongoing physical symptoms such as headaches or digestive disorders, that don’t respond to conventional treatment.
  • Crying and fearfulness, poor appetite with weight loss, overeating, and weight gain.
How to deal with someone in depression

How To Deal With Depression

Making sure that you exercise on a regular basis, eat lighter foods, avoid heavy food such as cheese and meat, and increase vegetables in your diet. This will assist you in balancing your Kapa dosh.

Ayurvedic herbs like Guggulu, turmeric, and trikatu may be beneficial for this type of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

When depression is caused by an imbalance of Vata, it may become more serious in nature, it can lead to depression, anxiety, an overactive mind and a feeling of stress and tension.

Many people acquire an imbalance due to their lifestyle. A regular schedule is the best to balance the body – early to bed, early to rise, eating at regular times, regular exercise, regular meditation, and yoga.

The daily meditation, pranayama, and yoga should be included in your health regime.

Try to substitute a positive thought for every negative thought that pops into your mind. Talk with people having positive thinking, help someone in need, that will divert your mind from yourself and give a sigh relief to your mind and felt relaxed.

Another way to deal with depression is you can try meditation that will make your mind cool and calm and doesn’t think about the thought troubling you always busy your mind from the thought or thing causing you to feel depressed.