How To Deal With Stress | Why Do I Always Feel Stressed?

In simple words, we can say stress is a feeling of tension or nervousness. Stress may be mental, physical, social, emotional.

In today’s stressed-out world, your optimum health and peak performance depend on remaining calm under pressure.

Most occurring stress is called negative stress or you can say distress, this type of distress generally occurs when you view change and pressure as burdens and rising demands as threats.

These all things causing you to feel depressed, frustrated, irritated, confused, and also felt helpless. And leads to different types of diseases and disorders.

Repeated or you say prolonged stress can cause complex physiological reactions and leads to exhaustion of mental, physical, and emotional energies, thus increase the disease-causing agents.

Researches found that stress may lead to cause high cholesterol, high blood pressure and can cause lower down the immunity of your body.

If we talk about the adverse effects of stress you won’t believe that it can even destroy your brain cells and also destroys your memory and thinking capabilities.

Stress also relates to this deadly disease like cancer, heart disease, deficiency, and even the common cold.


Quick Tips

For the treatment of stress, it is important to be balanced and individualistic.
Generally, stress is of three types –

  1. Physical stress
  2. Mental stress
  3. Emotional stress

Physical Stress

This is the category of stress which is caused by heavy exercising or you can say intense workout by misuse or overuse of your body parts or tirelessly working for an extended period at your job that is also called physical taxing.

All these things cause physical fatigue, mental fogginess, impatience, irritation. Another cause of physical stress is a little exercise, which results in slow digestion.

In either type of physical fatigue, the cell regenerating process slows down, thus the cells themselves become physically tired.

Stress management

  • Take a nutritious and energetic diet.
  • Taka e full-body massage every day with warm mustard oil.
  • One can also use these foods to relieve stress like try almonds (rich in fiber), coconuts, juicy and nutritious foods such as apple, grapes, and dairy products (milk, ghee, cheese, etc.).

Mental Stress

secondly, this type of stress is caused due to overuse or misuse of the mind. If you perform intense mental work for hours a day, or if you work for long on your computer, it can imbalance your body and mind and also affect your brain and mind.

As you become more stressed you feel a disturbance in the mental functioning of your mind as retention, ability to think, to feel keen, and many others.

Mental stress is most dangerous in comparison to others as it can destroy the ability to think positively and make your mind, home for “negative thoughts”.

Stress Management

  • The best way to get relief from stress is a meditation on daily basis.
  • Eat foods like sweets, sour and salty to balance your body and mind.
  • You can also take dairy products such as milk, ghee, cheese, and other dairy products.
  • For reducing mental stress you must sleep for eight hours.
  • Take a full body massage, especially your forehead to keep you feel cool and calm.

Emotional Stress

This is the type of situational stress where a problem may be caused due to a relationship or any situation that might hurt the heart. Emotional stress may lead to irritation, depression, and emotional stability.

It can also adversely affect your sleep in a different way than mental stress like unable to sleep, it causes you to wake up in the night and not able to sleep again. Emotional stress is dangerous as it causes malfunctioning of the body and mind.

Stress Management

  • Take sweet and juicy fruits such as apple, grapes and other.
  • Take a massage every day with coconut oil.
  • Take proper sleep, sleep early at night, and must sleep for eight hours.

In today’s stressed out world, unfortunately, stress is becoming a part of life for many of us. You should find a way to manage stress in your life, if not then it may lead to cause heart disease and even cancer too.

You can tackle stress on your own, as always feel and think positive never think negatively as negative thoughts trouble you more.