Why Do I Smell Bad? How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor Naturally!

It is well-known fact that perspiration is the prime cause of body odor. The primary cause of body odor is bacteria, there may be underlying causes like excessive sweating, low blood sugar, metabolic dysfunction, menopause, or even emotional stress.

Any imbalance in metabolism or diet may also result in stronger odors. The person containing large amounts of choline such as eggs, fish, liver, and legumes cause a metabolic imbalance which causes a fishy smell from the body and feels you away from your friends.

Certain foods and drinks, such as onions, garlic, and alcohol are also prime causes of body odor, so here a tip for you.

Quick Tips

Bath daily or twice a day if possible for you, cause daily bathing helps you remove bacteria from your skin

Scrub the armpits with a soapy washcloth, as that will work better to remove the bacteria faster than soap.

Clothing is an area many people overlook. Loose-fitting clothes allow the body to breathe better than tight clothes.

Foods, such as “meat”, onions, garlic, exotic spices, and drinks such as coffee and alcohol can lead to body odor. Try to eliminate these from your diet and see the difference.

You generally see people who chew tobacco smells bad and also a major cause of body odor. Not only does it come back through your lungs, but also through the skin.

If you have a severe problem, soak yourself for 15 min. in a tub of water after adding about three cups of tomato juice.

“In addition drink plenty of water so that toxins and dirt, out of the body”

Home Remedies For Body Odor

Why Do I Smell Bad? How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor Naturally!

An excellent astringent that tightens the skin and closes open pores is made by soaking one tablespoon full of triphala powder in a small glass of water for 5-6 hrs.

Turnip juice reduces underarm odor for up to 10hrs. Use it by squeezing the juice through cheesecloth, so that you have two tsp of juice. Wash your armpits with it.

Apple cider or vinegar eliminates underarm body odor when used in place of deodorant.

You can also use talc powder, deodorants, perfumes in the areas of heavy perspiration.

Baking soda can be used instead of a deodorant. Just apply the powder in your dry armpits. It will kill bacteria and helps absorb perspiration.

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