Cheat Sheet On Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020

Six Yogic Purification: Performing yoga asanas and yogic therapies are the best way to keep your body and mind balanced, healthy, and fit. According to Ayurveda human body have two properties Vaat, Pitta Kaph.

If these three properties are in a balanced form than the person is healthy, but if there is any disturbance in these than the person is in trouble. There is a solution for that if you really want your body to be healthy and disease-free.

Further in the article, we have discussed the six yogic purification methods to make sure the balance of Vata, pitta, and Kapha. If anyone of them is disturbed than the person may be in danger.

Those who do these practices regularly will generally haven’t any ailments. But if any ailments are contracted by the body, the same is often removed by these practices.

Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health
Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health

Our present-day habit of consuming undesirable food and leading fast life ar the explanation for several body disorders through the accumulation of impurities within the body.

To remove these diseases the six yogic purification practices are prescribed in order that the body may function properly in its natural way. The six sorts of yogic purification practices are Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Nauli, KapalBhati, and Trataka.


Six Yogic Purification Practices

Neti Kriya

Neti is of several types, but the major one is sura neti and jal neti.

Sutra Neti

The thread used to do sutra neti actually its a cotton thread and that thread can be obtained from any yoga sansthan. This process is done in the morning after you have done your brushing.

Sit down on your feet and lift your neck. Wet the cotton thread and put the waxed-end there in nostrils through which the breath is passing.

when it reaches the throat, catch it together with your third and fourth fingers and convey it out through your mouth. Repeat this process with the second nostril also.

After practicing this for a couple of days rubbing it by giving it a few jerks holding two edges of the thread from the nostril and the mouth.

Take it out through your mouth. lookout to scrub the thread properly after use, in order that no impurities remain. If sutra Neti isn’t available, but a (rubber tube) of number4 or five. In fact, the rubber tube is more in use nowadays.

That is, neti purifies and cleans the skull and confers heavenly insight on the practiser. It drives away the diseases that appear on the joints of the chest and eyes.

Advantages: Neti cleans the skull, improves eyesight, protects the body from the diseases of the ear, nose, and throat, from cold headaches and deafness of the ear: and from the undesirable growth of the nasal.

If the rubbing of the thread inside the nose causes any burning sensation or if the blood oozes out of the nose, put a couple of drops of ghee in both of the nostrils.

Usually, one should also put a couple of drops of ghee within the nostrils before getting to bed in the dark, and inhale them in. This practice is extremely useful.

Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health
Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health

Dhauti Kriya

Dhauti is that the process of gradually swallowing a muslin cloth (7 meters* 8cm) soaked within the saltwater, then of taking it out slowly.

This bandage shaped cloth must be washed thoroughly with predicament before the utilization. To begin with, it keeps the bandage within the cup filled with dilute saline.

Take one end of the bandage, and put it in your mouth. Then chew it slowly like what animals do and insert it in your stomach. take care to try to do this gradually on the first day. Swallow just one-meter cloth then go, on increasing the length.

After inserting the material in your stomach, pull it out by a slow process. If there’s any obstruction, chew a touch more then bring it out. However, if there’s an issue in swallowing the material within the beginning, soak the material in the water mixed with milk or honey.

If the pullout process is obstructed thanks to some reasons, drink salted water and vomit, then take the material out. After the utilization, the dhauti cloth should be washed with soap in order that impurities are sticking thereon are removed.

By this process, the phlegm of the stomach comes out. Disease like cough, asthma, headache, fever, leprosy also because the diseases of breathing and liver are cured bu this kriya.

It gives perfect health to an individual and makes him stronger. It increases appetite and removes gas and other stomach troubles.

Basti Kriya

This is the method of sucking the water within the large intestine through the rectum, then throwing it out. this will be wiped out in two ways. So Basti Kriya is one of the Six Yogic Purification methods.

Stand in navel trouble or sit within the Utkatasana in knee trouble. Fit a rubber tube or a tube made from thin bamboo into your rectum and suck the water in your intestine while doing uddiyan Bandh.

now shake your belly and thru the water out. lately, enema has become more common than this process.

Through Enema

Put some warm water in an enema pot. A little salt of juice also can be mixed in it. Keep the pot on a raised platform. First, remove some water from the nozzle in order that the air inside the tube is exhausted.

Grease the nozzle with a little oil, lie on your left side and therefore the nozzle inside that rectum. Open the water and exercise deep breathing. The water will enter the massive intestine.

Half liter water can be sucked within the intestine. Shake your belly, change sides and need to latrine after staying during this position for 1 to fifteen minutes. Take light breakfast a while after this process.

Note: Caution you want to take while doing this, Enema should be done on the empty stomach.

Advantages- It cleans the stomach and helps within the cure of stomach ailments. the massive intestine is washed and cleaned thus it becomes more strong. The adverse effect of all the three imbalances thanks to vaat, Pitt and kaph are removed. It increases appetite, gives mental peace and makes the body light and active.

A healthy person should take enema twice a month.

Nauli Kriya

Place your knees and stand on your feet, keeping them about one foot apart. For the first few days, Exhale your breath and do kumbhaka while practicing Uddiyan bandh during this position.

After this, put a touch weight of your body on your hands and leave the belly I the loose position while stretching it a touch towards your chest. Then try to make a tube kind of shape within the middle of your stomach.

After a few days of practice, you’ll be ready to perform this without any difficulty, Provides you’re taking light meals and keep your stomach clean.

While the Nauli has been formed within the middle of your stomach, press together with your right. you’ll see that the Nauli will move towards the left of your stomach. Similarly, If the left is pressed, the Nauli will move towards the right.

In this way, Nauli is often moved from left to right and from right to left. once you have had sufficient practice, move the Nulii right and left with speed.

Advantages- Nauli removes the impurities stuck on the liner of the intestines. It also removes constipation, obesity, and dyspepsia. The liver, spleen and other glands are influenced by this practice. Vatt, pitt, and kaph disorders are removed, the stomach remains light and therefore the appetite increases. It makes a person physically and mentally alert and powerful.

Caution – those that suffer from the sprue or of swelling of the intestines shouldn’t practice Nauli.

Kapalbhati Kriya

For a detailed description of Kapalbhati ask the chaperon Pranayama. This process melts phlegm within the lungs and within the vein carrying phlegm and excretes it through perspiration.

By this, the lungs become healthy, strong and free from impurities. This also activates Sushumna which ensures peace of mind.

Caution- Those affected by a heart condition, jaundice or insomnia shouldn’t practice this pranayama.

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Trataka Kriya

Trataka is that the process of watching the fixed point with the fullest concentration till tears come to one’s eyes, so says the rishis.

There are many techniques to try to Trataka and each one among them has different merits. In yoga literature, it’s the method of fixing one’s full attention and eyes on the idol one of one’s worship and devotion.


Sit in Padmasana, Siddhasana or sukhasana consistent with your convenience. Hang a paper on a wall a distance of six or seven feet, making a little black, round patch of the dimensions of a 25 paise coin or with the letter “om” on the paper.

Otherwise, take a little earthen lamp lit up using a mustard lamp of pure ghee in it and keep it in front of you. Place the lamp in such an area where its flames do not flicker thanks to the wind. Concentrate on this lamp or black spot without blinking your eyes.

When you feel a burning sensation in your eyes or tears start coming, close your eyes slowly. The eyes are attention should be fully fixed on the thing, only then is your Trataka successful.

Gradually increase the duration of the Trataka. It is often practiced for hours together. you’re not required to force your eyes to stretch them to the fullest extent, they need only to be kept open in a natural way. The muscles around the eyes shouldn’t be stretched.

Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health
Six Yogic Purification Practices In 2020 For Better Health

Advantages- All ailments of the eyes are cured by this. Laziness and indolence are removed. The mind gets the facility of concentration. The Sadhaka gets firm determination by this process.

These six yogic purifications are the simplest means of purification of the body. One must learn them from a guru or some knowledgeable person and will practice consistent with one’s needs.

These practices are beneficial both for the body and therefore the mind and increase their Strenght and capacity manifold.