8 Amazing Health Benefits of Almonds

Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Nuts

Almonds are the most popular nut. There is a common belief that vegetarian food contains no protein. Almond removes all such myths as it contains 20% of protein, which is hardly found in other plants. Almonds are highly nutritive, they are packed with all the food components which are vital to health and strengthen the … Read more

[Quick] Tips And Trick For Women In Period Cramps

How To Deal With Someone In Period Cramps

Also known as dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps can affect as many as eight out of ten women at some point in their lives. Though until recently, the medical community has considered this as a “minor” complaint, saying it was “all in a women’s head”, new thinking takes period cramps seriously. And in terms of hormones, medical … Read more

[Practice] ᐈ These 6 Eye Exercises For Double Vision

eye exercises for improving eye sight

The eyes are a very important part of our body. There are certain exercises for the eyes which keep the eyes healthy and save them from many diseases. By toning up the connecting muscles and nerves of the eyes, they even improve the eyesight. Some of these simple exercises are explained here, which can be … Read more